Ex-head of the Blagoveshchensky district of the Amur region was sentenced to 5 years

In 2020, the ex-official created the conditions for the illegal alienation of land in favor of his friend. The site was located in the village of Canton-Commune, had an area of ​​​​more than six hectares and cost only 100 thousand rubles. As emphasized by the prosecutor’s office of the Amur region, its market value is about 50 million rubles. The actions of the head caused damage to the Blagoveshchensk district on an especially large scale.

Yevgeny Sedykh pleaded not guilty. Nevertheless, the court agreed with the prosecution and sentenced the former official to five years in a penal colony, banned him from holding certain positions for two and a half years, and fined him 250,000 rubles. The verdict did not enter into force.

Earlier, Yevgeny Sedykh was also convicted of negligence and sentenced to a fine of 250,000 rubles.

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