ex-star Bercow quits Conservatives while lambasting Johnson

The former speaker of the British House of Commons considered that the party had become “reactionary, populist, nationalist and sometimes even xenophobic”.

The former speaker of the British House of Commons, John Bercow, announced Sunday, June 20, to leave the conservative camp, by launching a violent criticism against the Prime Minister Boris Johnson whose party became according to him “reactionary“And”xenophobic“. Under Johnson, the Conservative Party became “reactionary, populist, nationalist and sometimes even xenophobic“John Bercow, 58, judged in an interview with the newspaper The Observer.

He joined the Tories at the age of 17, and served as a Conservative Party MP for 12 years before he was elected Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament in 2009, leaving all party affiliation as required. custom. After stepping down from that post in October 2019, he announced on Sunday joining the ranks of the opposition Labor Party which he hopes will overthrow the government.

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“Gifted for the countryside but no leader”

«The conclusion I have come to is that this government must be replaced. The reality is that the Labor Party is the only vehicle that can achieve this goal. There is no other credible option», Explains John Bercow. About Boris Johnson, he felt he was “gifted for the countryside but no leader“And considered that”more and more people are fed up with lies, fed up with empty slogans».

When he was “speaker“, the “Order!John Bercow’s thundering towards rowdy deputies had toured the world and delighted Internet users who were discovering the British parliamentary debates. But his own conservative camp had accused him of wanting to prevent Brexit by making decisions favorable to supporters of maintaining the United Kingdom in the European Union.

“Nothing personal” in this choice

Reacting to the shattering announcement of his rallying to Labor, Justice Minister Robert Buckland launched on SkyNews on Sunday that John Bercow “left the Conservative Party a long time ago“. On the same television channel, John Bercow assured that his choice had “nothing personal against Boris Johnson“, While denouncing the”deep contempt“That according to him the Prime Minister had towards the Parliament and his”distant reportWith the truth.

After his departure from the perch, John Bercow was accused of tyrannizing his teams to the point of harassment, accusations he denies.


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