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The consultancy Youpix launches this Friday (19) an ebook with analysis of how companies can insert themselves and maintain a strategy in the Clubhouse. Available free of charge, the publication “Youpix Analisa: Clubhouse & Marcas” brings a study about the platform, the tools available and how brands can benefit.

With 15 years of experience in the market, Youpix is ​​one of the main connections and business centers for the digital content, influence and entertainment market.

To help in the analysis of the new social network, the ebook has executives from major brands to give their impressions about the application, which has been gaining prominence in recent weeks.

“Brands that enter the Clubhouse to open clubs and rooms that will only talk about themselves, I believe they will not have a long life,” says Chiara Martini, director of creative strategy at Coca-Cola. “Those who enter with the mentality of experimenting and making people’s experience better, being partnerships with creators, making them better enablers of good conversations and experiences, will have more space to grow.”

For the organizers of the ebook, “something that is very clear to everyone who participates is that there, the filters, text, editing possibilities and viralization of the content are practically null, since nothing is recorded or is pre-produced. From the start, then, advertising formats for brands that do not give up controlling 100% of the message do not exist. ”

The app was launched in March 2020 in the United States by two former Google employees (Paul Davison and Rohan Seth) and, for now, it only features an iOS version of the iPhone.

“The platform is still crawling, it has only one year to live. The community is starting to form in there and we are experiencing only a small sample of what it may become, especially in Brazil. The potential is great, even with the need for improvements and evolutions ”, says Pedro Alvim, brand and social media manager at Magazine Luiza.

In Brazil, some brands are already taking risks on the platform. This is the case of the olive oil maker Andorinha, which this week promoted a conversation about healthy and conscious food, with the mediation of Bela Gil.

This Friday (19), it is the turn of Johnnie Walker to debut at the Clubhouse with the debate “The importance of the Keep Walking spirit for the next 200 years”. The event will be attended by Astrid Fontenelle, João Vicente de Castro, Juliana Ballarin, head of marketing for Diageo’s Scotch portfolio, businessman Facundo Guerra, among others.

The conversation will be conducted by the executive João Victor Guedes dos Santos, Johnnie Walker chief for Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil at Diageo, and will address issues such as sustainability, diversity, the role of artificial intelligence in our lives, responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages, mobility urban, work, dramaturgy, streaming and the happy hour of the future.

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