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More than forty works of photojournalists collaborating with our newspaper can be seen at the exhibition, which was organized by the Kuzbass branch of “RG” in honor of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Federation.

The exhibition entitled “Front page. Photo chronicles of the new Russia” has opened at the Gogol Central Library in Novokuznetsk. All the photos presented in the exhibition are black and white. This is what they looked like on the newspaper page, which is said to live one day. But life is made up of days. And the black and white scale helps to see and remember the main thing. So we decided to look through the binders that not so long ago, every library neatly kept.

The authors of the photographs presented at the exhibition, many of which were published on the pages of “RG”, are witnesses of our time, who have authentically reflected its events and faces. Rashit Salikhov, a freelancer of our newspaper, still keeps photographs taken during the period of miners’ strikes and “rail wars”.

The leading photojournalist of the regional newspaper “Kuzbass” Fyodor Baranov in the early 1980s as part of the 345th airborne regiment participated in hostilities in Afghanistan. He knows firsthand what it means to survive in a war. As well as the heroes of the author’s story about the return of the Kemerovo OMON fighters from a long Chechen business trip.

To shoot a poignant photo report about the conscripts, our former colleague, and now the correspondent of the European Press Photo Agency Maxim Shipenkov, spent more than one day at the assembly point of the military registration and enlistment office. And the sharp-sighted lens of another wonderful photographer of “Kuzbass” Sergei Gavrilenko captured a moment of jubilation: the Russian team beat the Swedes in the final of the 2007 World Bandy Championship.


The photo exhibition is also an attempt to remind of what the print media have recently been for their readers. However, why were they? In Kuzbass and not only in it there are settlements, where even today the paper press is welcome. In a number of such places, which are not easy to reach, there is no internet, electricity or libraries at all. And since 2016, with the help of our readers and partners, we have been not only creating public libraries in remote villages (there are already five of them), but also giving an annual subscription to RG. The Novokuznetsk “Gogolevka” will also receive such a gift. And from the southern capital of the region, the photo exhibition will go to Kemerovo.


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