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For a number of goods and services, Russians should pay by credit card in order to make it easier to receive tax deductions in the future. Dinara Ibragimova, Deputy Head of the Tax Policy Department of the CSR, told RIA Novosti this on Sunday, February 21.

According to her, the list includes medicines, medical and educational services for herself and her children. The specialist recalled that the tax service is currently preparing a simplified mechanism for obtaining deductions. You do not have to submit documents to receive funds, all data will be taken by service employees from online cash registers.

“The declared possibility of using these online cash registers to obtain tax deductions for personal income tax makes it possible to extend the simplified procedure to social tax deductions,” Ibragimova said.

She pointed out that citizens often return part of the cost of training themselves or their relatives. At the same time, it is important that the educational institution has a license to carry out activities. Also, Russians receive deductions for the purchase of medicines and medical services.

The maximum amount of total expenses from which a deduction can be obtained is 120 thousand rubles.

As Ibragimova added, the use of this approach can be extended to the past.

“If you pay for transactions for which you can get tax deductions for personal income tax, using bank cards, then in the future it will be much faster and more convenient to declare a refund,” the specialist concluded.

Earlier in February, experts said that a tax deduction can be issued for the services of fitness centers. To register for visiting sports facilities, you need a cashier’s check and an agreement, the collected documents can be submitted directly to the tax office or to the employer within a year.

On January 26, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill that introduces a new social deduction for personal income tax (PIT) for sports and recreation services.

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