Expert Kashkin: In case of suspicious traffic consumption, the smartphone must be disconnected from the Network

Smartphones of the majority of Russians are constantly connected to the Internet – for someone through a mobile operator, and for someone via Wi-Fi. And few people pay attention to it, but in vain! There are situations when the gadget should be urgently disconnected from the Network, the Prime agency writes.

One of the alarming signals is too noticeable traffic growth.

“In most cases, this may be due to a software update, but it may also indicate the activity of malicious programs,” explained Evgeny Kashkin, associate professor of the Department of Intelligent Information Security Systems at RTU MIREA, adding that the smartphone can also get very hot.

It will help to fix the problem by timely disconnecting the device from the network and running anti-virus software.

According to the expert, you can independently track the increased consumption of traffic by going to the “Settings” menu and looking at which application “eats” the tariff. It is also possible to limit the use of traffic – if it ends quickly, then it is possible that the reason for this is unwanted activity.

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