Experts believe that the expansion of air traffic may lead to an increase in the incidence

The resumption of air communication between Russia and nine more countries may lead to an increase in the incidence of covid, but its complete stop entails negative consequences for the economy, says infectious disease doctor Svetlana Ishchenko.

“The peculiarity of this virus is that it mutates constantly. It flies in one region, wanders, changes its shell, and then goes to the next region. Of course, this can increase the incidence, but on the other hand, if everything is completely blocked, the economy suffers greatly. “, – she told TASS, answering the relevant question.

Therapist, pulmonologist working in the red zone, Alexei Nikishenkov, in turn, added that in order to understand how the expansion of air traffic will affect the increase in morbidity, it is necessary to analyze the level of vaccination in countries open to tourists from the Russian Federation. “If in the list of these countries the percentage of vaccinated people is more than 70%, then I think that [на заболеваемости] the opening of air links with these countries should not. If these are developed countries, in which the population is almost completely vaccinated, then some fundamental increase [заболевших ковидом] will not, “he said.

Earlier, the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus reported that from November 9, Russia will resume flights with nine more countries, including: the Bahamas, Iran, the Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Slovenia, Tunisia, Thailand and Sweden.


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