Explosion of violent thefts of luxury watches in Paris

EXCLUSIVE – Thugs, followers of strangulation, scour the capital and its surroundings to rob high-end watch carriers.

At the end of the afternoon of the 1is June, a 56-year-old executive joins his scooter parked in the interior courtyard of a building at 10e arrondissement of Paris when suddenly attacked by four strangers. Before he can even react, he is strangled by one of the thugs while two accomplices steal his watch, a Rolex worth 12,000 euros. The thieves disappear, abandoning the panting fifty-something, on the verge of fainting.

Two hours before, it is an 86-year-old person who is followed to his building at 16e rounding by two individuals. When pressing the elevator button, she was hit with a big punch in the shoulder and was relieved of her Rolex, estimated at 15,000 euros. Two days later, still before nightfall, a 51-year-old woman is “trapped” in the courtyard of her building at 3e borough. Strangled by an arm lock until suffocation, she falls and has her watch stolen. Again

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