Expo 2020 Dubai is the gateway to the world’s economies for the Corona crisis

Pavilions officials at Expo 2020 Dubai confirmed to the “Vision” that the international event is a global platform that will help most of the participating countries in drawing a brighter future for their country, and to cross from the repercussions of the Corona pandemic in light of providing various means, and introducing technological developments that help confront any global challenges.

They said that the UAE’s success in bringing together more than 190 countries under one roof during the international event, and organizing various events targeting all groups dealing with economic affairs, will prompt the participants to learn about innovative experiences to meet the challenges of the pandemic; And then to eliminate them completely and move forward towards a more developed future.

Jorge Orian Schutz, Director General of the Chilean Trade Commission “Pro Chile”, said that the exhibition represents a unique opportunity for the world’s economies to recover from the effects of the Corona pandemic and develop their businesses by highlighting the advantages enjoyed by all sectors that possess It has a competitive advantage.

He stressed that the event will be a lifeboat for major economies to overcome the Covid-19 crisis, move forward towards building new success stories, forging major partnerships, and expanding the scope of their business and their client network around the world.

He pointed out that the international event is considered for us as a gateway country to enter the Middle East and North Africa, and to promote the sectors of tourism, agriculture, innovation and renewable energy, especially in the field of green hydrogen.

He explained that the reason for this is that the 6-month duration of the exhibition allows the pavilions of major economies around the world to participate in the exhibition, dedicating each week to highlighting their developments in a particular sector, while attracting experts from their countries to review their success stories, which allows the world to become familiar with their competitive advantages and the capabilities of their government and private companies.

In turn, Manuel Salchely, Commissioner-General of the Swiss Pavilion and Chairman of the Steering Committee of Expo 2020 Dubai, said that the exhibition provides the largest economic countries with an ideal platform to showcase their latest innovations in all areas and sectors that are in greatest demand at the present time, especially the sectors of mobility, renewable energy and sustainability, as well as the public sector. tourism, in order to provide an opportunity to get out of the repercussions of the pandemic.

He pointed out that this will enable it to take advantage of the investment opportunities offered by the exhibition and highlight its tourism potential.

He pointed out that the Expo constitutes a platform that unites efforts between the government sector, the business sector, science and civil society to work together, noting that the sectors of trade, investments, employment and technology will be among the sectors that will benefit the most from the exhibition.

For his part, the deputy director of the Kuwaiti pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Mazen Ali Al-Ansari, said that the international event constitutes a gateway to crossing the Corona crisis for many participating countries, especially since the exhibition was organized despite all the challenges facing the world due to the pandemic to be the first event A huge global in which 192 countries participate. He explained that the Expo allows the world’s largest economies to meet under one roof to highlight strategic projects, creative initiatives and the appropriate business environment it provides in order to attract foreign direct investment to their countries.

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