Fabian El-Nasr: I was depressed and contemplated committing suicide

Fabian Istoyanov, the Uruguayan side’s Phoenix player, revealed that he wanted to commit suicide after suffering from depression, after returning to his country and after the end of his experience in Saudi Arabia with Al-Nasr.

The Uruguayan player, nicknamed “Lulu”, said in radio statements in his country: In 2016, when I returned to my country after my experience with victory, I suffered from severe depression, which is similar to what happened with my friend Moro Garcia, “the Uruguayan player committed suicide last February,” but I was Lucky for me, my team-mates and coach.

Fabian played with the Saudi victory from January 26, 2015 to September 15 of the same year, and on February 17, 2016, he signed with the Uruguayan Phoenix.

He added in his statements: I did not come to training for 5 days, because I did not find a motivation for life, and I did not feel strong, I woke up at four in the afternoon, at some point it became unbearable, and I told the coach what was happening to me, and then I spoke to my teammates and I was I cry, and it helped my recovery.

And the “38-year-old” added: I could not find an explanation for what I suffered from, I had no problems, I was a young man of thirty-five years old, a famous athlete in the world of football, I was not short of money, my family was fine and my children were also. Very difficult and difficult to understand.

Fabian participated in 24 matches with Al-Nassr, scored 7 goals and 4 assists, and is still participating with his Uruguayan team in the local league.

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