Fabien Roussel defends “retirement at 60, with a good pension”

The PCF candidate also wants, for people in difficult jobs, the possibility of leaving before the age of 60.

Fabien Roussel, PCF presidential candidate, defended the right to “retire at 60, with a good pension“, Reform which would be financed by”a contribution on financial income” or by “the creation of a million jobs».

By presenting at a press conference at the headquarters of the PCF in Paris his poster and his campaign slogan – “the happy days challenge“- Fabien Roussel regretted that Emmanuel Macron,”the country barely out of the pandemic, offers difficult days“, With its pension reform.

The Head of State raised on June 4 the possibility of relaunching the explosive site of such a reform, while leaving open the questions of content and schedule. According to its Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, this project remains “a priority“; government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday that the government will “keep moving forward, without eluding but without rushing».

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«As opposed to a hard reform, I propose popular measures: the right to leave at 60, with a good pension, after 37.5 years of contributions, with a replacement rate of 75%, based on salary the last six months in the public sector and the last ten years in the private sector». «Conversely“From that of President Macron,”our reform is progressive and frees up jobs for young people“, He added, recalling that the unemployment rate for those under 25 is 20%. (18% for women, 20.8% for men, according to INSEE).

For people in difficult jobs, there would be the possibility of leaving before the age of 60. “Life expectancy in good health is 69 years for managers and 59 years for blue-collar workers, ten years less», He insisted. On the other hand, 60 would not be an age when it comes to those who want to leave later. The Communist candidate presented three avenues for financing his reform: “a 10.4% contribution (equal to that paid by employers) on financial income“, Which can yield”between 30 and 40 billion euros», «the creation of one million jobs (seven billion euros)», «equal pay for men and women (5.5 billion euros)».


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