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Alphaville resident, Fábio Jr., 67 years old, took the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 in Santana do Parnaíba (SP), this Monday (12), and generated tiethness: “Oh, what a pleasure! You lost. I had to come today for the vaccine, you are a princess. Take a picture of me, I vaccinated Fábio Júnior ”, said the nurse in a video published by Fiuk’s father.


If the sun is up and the sky invites you to an outdoor program, why not bathe the dog and enjoy it as well?

That was the calculation of Letícia Spiller, 47, who chose the best costume for the task of cleaning her four-legged daughter on Sunday (11).

And as she cares for the well-being of her more than 4 million followers, the actress also published a yoga photo at the waterfall, wishing everyone a good week. This Monday (12), he returned to Instagram to teach a healthy recipe to comfort the stomach: rice broth with pumpkin and cinnamon.


“This is the great secret of a soap opera: when the backstage lives this harmony. When there is no such thing, you can bet that the soap opera will not be good. ‘Empire’ had harmony”

Aguinaldo Silva, author of ‘Império’, live on Instagram


Cacau Protásio is recovering from surgery and is already preparing for a second operation. The actress was admitted with acute pancreatitis in late March. “She is responding well to the treatment and thanks everyone for the affection and prayers,” said her husband, Janderson Pires, on Instagram.


The tweeters did not give Rodrigo Hilbert a break on Sunday night, after Fantástico showed the chapel the actor built to marry Fernanda Lima.

Usually acclaimed for being the handsome guy who cooks, makes furniture and still takes care of his children, Hilbert was even more celebrated for the work, built in the garden at home.


Harvey Weinstein, a former Hollywood film producer accused of rape and sexual harassment by actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, is going blind and has lost several teeth since he was arrested, his lawyer said during a virtual court hearing in County Court. Erie, Pennsylvania, United States.


Actor Hank Azaria, who failed to voice the character Apu in “The Simpsons”, after criticism from the Indian community, apologized to the Indians and their descendants in the United States for the prejudiced representation. “I’m really sorry. I apologize for my role. Part of me feels that I need to go to every Indian in this country and apologize in person. ” The character is accused of stereotyping the Indian immigrant in the USA.


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