Facebook and Instagram bring down live in which Bolsonaro associated AIDS with Covid’s vaccine – 10/24/2021 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

On Sunday night (24), Facebook took down President Jair Bolsonaro’s weekly live (non-party) broadcast last Thursday (21).

The video is no longer available on Facebook or Instagram.

According to a company spokesperson, the reason for the exclusion was the company’s policies related to Covid-19’s vaccine. “Our policies do not allow for claims that Covid-19 vaccines kill or can cause serious harm to people.”

In his weekly live, Bolsonaro read a supposed news that warned that “vaccinated [contra a Covid] are developing the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome [Aids]”.

Doctors, however, claim that the association between the immunizing agent against the coronavirus and the transmission of HIV, the AIDS virus, is false, non-existent and absurd.

Jamal Suleiman, infectologist at the Emilio Ribas Infectology Institute, emphasizes that Covid vaccines do not use any fragment of HIV in their composition.

Denise Garrett, epidemiologist and vice president of the Sabin Institute (USA), reinforces: “There is no possibility or plausibility of these vaccines to do this. The statement is absurd and unscientific.”​

This is the first time the company removes a weekly president’s live. To date, Facebook had only taken down one post by Bolsonaro related to the pandemic: a March 2020 video in which he cited the use of chloroquine to treat the disease and advocated an end to social isolation.

Although the president has repeatedly spread disinformation in his lives, the others have not been excluded by Facebook. According to sheet he found out, the exclusion this time occurred because the president’s speech was considered by the company to be definitive.

In March, a report from sheet showed that Bolsonaro had violated Facebook’s Covid-19 policy at least 29 times so far, just in 2021. In 22 of the cases, this occurred at their lives on Thursdays.

This Sunday (25), senator Alessandro Vieira (Citizenship-SE) made a request asking the CPI of Covid to send the entire content of these facts to Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF (Supreme Federal Court). The congressman wants the matter to be included in the fake news inquiry, carried out by Moraes.

“This is one of several occasions on which the head of the federal executive has been spreading notorious fake news, creating great obstacles to facing the pandemic”, says the application.


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