Faced with the new racists, Sonia Mabrouk and Mathieu Bock-Côté raise the alert

MAJOR MAINTENANCE – Under the guise of anti-racism, the new identity left is leading a veritable racialist revolution, say journalist Sonia Mabrouk and Quebec sociologist Mathieu Bock-Côté in their new essays.

Some saw it only as a circumstantial revolt. What if it was a revolution?

It was June 6, when France was still half confined. In the streets of Paris, one could hear slogans as deleterious as “Sibeth traitor to his race” or “Death to the Whites”. That day, 20,000 people marched to pay homage to George Floyd, killed a few days earlier in Minneapolis by a… American policeman. Among the organizers of this march, the collective “The truth for Adama” led by Assa Traoré, who was to become the muse, on the cover of the Time, of a new “anti-racism” criticizing the “White privilege” and the French state “colonialist” and “Slave” … Most observers only wanted to see it as an epiphenomenon. This anti-racist demonstration of the third type could, on the contrary, have marked the shift into a new era: the start of a racialist revolution imported from across the Atlantic.

This is the thesis masterfully defended by the

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