facing Pécresse, LREM hopes to save the furniture

The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, participated Thursday evening in a campaign aperitif with Laurent Saint-Martin and his activists.

Discreet since the severe results of the first round of the regional, Jean Castex finally briefly plunged back into the countryside Thursday evening. The Prime Minister invited himself to a campaign aperitif at the Grand Café du Bataclan where 200 activists were waiting alongside Laurent Saint-Martin – the leader of the presidential majority in Île-de-France.

“Continue to be proud of what you do, of the results of our action at the head of the country. I am there with members of the government. We don’t have to hide. We don’t have to be ashamed. We worked well for France ”, he launched to the cantonade. Very many ministers surrounded him. Those present on the Ile-de-France majority list: spokesperson Gabriel Attal, Marlène Schiappa (Citizenship), Emmanuelle Wargon (Housing), Nathalie Elimas (Priority education) but also Jean-Michel Blanquer (National education) and Florence Parly (Defense) ).

Faced with the very low participation in the first round, the head of government called for a jump. “Nothing is more beautiful than democracy. Say to vote. I say it here this evening: all French people are affected by this election. They have to vote. Democracy is our most precious asset. Let’s never forget it ”, he said in conclusion of his short statement.

In Île-de-France, the majority hopes to re-mobilize its voters on Sunday. Despite the meager score of the first round (11.76%). The oils of LREM are not kidding themselves about the outcome of the ballot. The loss of votes threatens the final score of their list while Valérie Pécresse transformed the second round into a divisive duel against his environmental rival Julien Bayou (supported by rebellious France and the PS).

“Valérie Pécresse has a very clear lead. Objectively everyone understood that she was very likely to win this election ”, agrees Gabriel Attal. One way to invite Walkers not to follow the example of Manuel Valls and Jean-Paul Huchon. These two supporters of Emmanuel Macron called for voting for Valérie Pécresse to block the road to the Insoumis. What annoys Stanislas Guerini, the general delegate of LREM: “I believe that the Republican front only applies to the extreme right in our country. I stick to this definition ”. And Gabriel Attal to refuse the erasure of LREM in the second round: “The more there will be regional advisers from the presidential majority, the more we will be able to influence the guidelines that will be adopted”.

“Pass” the RN

Aware of the difficulty of mobilizing in this very polarized context, Laurent Saint-Martin set a goal on Thursday: “That of overtaking the National Front in the second round, to show that in Île-de-France it has no place” (Jordan Bardella obtained 13.12% of the vote, Editor’s note). Applause guaranteed from the activists who then tried to take a selfie with Jean Castex.

“He showed himself tonight as the leader of the majority. Unifying and faithful to our ideas ”, welcomes Romain Chantemargue, a running mate (Agir) in the Val d’Oise. Candidate in Paris, Jean du Passage praises the maintenance of Laurent Saint-Martin’s list in the second round: “We have created a central and progressive space that we will be proud to embody in the region. We maintain our position to be able to represent the presidential majority in a useful and constructive way ”.

It takes 8 elected officials to form a group at the Ile-de-France Regional Council. “Those living in the region do not want to share the seats”, instructed Laurent Saint-Martin. “We can see that we are disturbing. We are told that we have nothing to do there. Yes we are there and we will be there for the next six years. Whether you like it or not! The presidential majority will come to settle and put forward its ideas ”, he insisted while Valérie Pécresse held at the same time a meeting at the Cirque d’Hiver, a few cables away. In front of which the prime minister gave himself a ride, nonchalantly.


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