Fake site of Magalu on Black Friday – 24/11/2022 – Market

Users of the Brazilian website Reclame Aqui have already started to report the first Black Friday 2022 scams.

According to reports from consumers in São Paulo, the website of the retailer Magazine Luiza is being targeted by fraudulent actions. Two consumers informed Reclame Aqui that the search for appliances on sale returned with malicious links.

“I was researching a washing machine, and I found through Google a website that claimed to be ‘Magalu’, with an affordable price, but the website was fake. I didn’t pay attention, because it was so identical to the original that I didn’t suspect. I bought the supposed machine and, after that, I found it strange that nothing had arrived in my email, no message. I did a deeper search and came across other complaints from other people. Do not buy on this site, pay more attention to the details of the site” , says the user.

Another consumer stated that he was doing research to buy a stove and that he typed the name Magalu in the search. “However, in the searches, a website appeared that I found very strange, mainly because the price is 50% lower than the other Magalu website. I think it might be a fake website. consumers”, he says, who posted the probable fake website with Consul stove 4 burners at R$ 594.99. The value of the product on the real Magalu website, he says, is R$1,234.

A Sheet contacted Magazine Luiza, which is investigating the case. In the two episodes described, the links went down.

Other reports concern the 2RStore store, which announced the sale of official shirts for the Brazilian football team, but delayed delivery or sent the wrong product. Registered 16 days ago on Reclame Aqui, the company already has a volume of 816 complaints until this Thursday afternoon, occupying the 6th place in the ranking of the most complained.

A consumer from Santo André (SP) said that the product was not delivered and that he cannot contact the store. “I purchased 1 shirt from Brazil on 11/16/2022 on the 2Rstore website, I received the email confirming the payment, they sent the tracking code and so far there is no information about the product. Whatsapp contact and email, I didn’t get a response from either 2. It was purchased through payment via pix. As they don’t give satisfaction, I want a refund of the amount.”

A consumer from Petrópolis (RJ) says that the product arrived differently than advertised. “I bought a blue women’s ounce shirt ORDER #1616 on 11/06/2022 and received today on 11/24/2022 a men’s shirt all blue, totally different from the product I bought. I want to exchange the product or chargeback the card. Totally impossible to communicate with the company, including, which is already using another email address and WPP number that also does not exist.”

A Sheet tried to contact 2RStore, but had no response until the publication of the text.

Reclame Aqui asks users to pay attention to links with strange characters or that replace letters with numbers. For example: m4galu.com.br. The link may also have other changes in relation to the actual store address: magazine-offer-week, for example.

Website launches fraud detector

The Brazilian complaints website Reclame Aqui announced this Thursday (24) a tool that helps prevent fraud and scams on Black Friday: the detector of trusted websites. The novelty allows consumers to check suspicious pages before clicking.

It is an initiative between Reclame Aqui and Axur, a digital risk protection platform.

To use it, the consumer must “paste” the link of the site that he wants to verify the reliability into the search field. The tool will bring information and alert points about the address, in case it is a questionable site for shopping.

According to the main technology executive at Reclame Aqui, Michel Pinzetta, the detector will help the complaints site and Axur to remove these fraudulent sites from the air, fighting digital scams.

“The main objective of Reclame Aqui is to provide the maximum amount of information for the consumer to make the best purchasing decision”, says Pinzetta. “With the detector, we will support not only consumers, but also companies, which are impacted by the cloning of their websites and have their brand compromised.”

According to the executive, the detector will help to understand more about the searched URL, since they are links of new companies that, possibly, are not registered in the Reclame Aqui websites.

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