Family mortgages can be extended to second homes in some cases

In particular, it is proposed to allow, in some cases, to buy ready-made housing on the secondary market with the help of the preferential “Family Mortgage”. Two conditions must be met – firstly, the family is raising a disabled child, and secondly, multi-apartment residential buildings are not being built in this region.

Recall that in August the Ministry of Finance already published a draft document, which was supposed to allow families with disabled children to buy secondary housing, since it is important for them to live close to medical institutions. However, later the press service of the department stated that the document was released for public discussion by mistake and the Ministry of Finance is not working on such a measure.

The new draft document also introduces concessions for those who took advantage of a preferential mortgage for new buildings to build their house using the “economic method” or “Far Eastern mortgage”, but fell under partial mobilization or became a participant in a special military operation. For them, for the period of being in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the term of the obligation to state registration of a built house (under a preferential mortgage for new buildings) and registration at the address of a built or purchased housing (for recipients of the Far Eastern Mortgage) is suspended.

In addition, it is planned to extend the Family Mortgage, Far Eastern Mortgage, Preferential Mortgage, IT Mortgage programs to citizens who purchase residential premises from management companies of closed-end mutual investment funds (ZPIF). Such an extension of the purpose of lending is provided for if the residential premises are part of the property of closed-end investment funds and if the management companies of these funds have received a permit for the construction of the facility and subsequently a permit for putting it into operation. This will have a significant impact on improving the living conditions of citizens and will increase the volume of housing commissioning in the medium term, as it expands the number of sellers and buyers who can take advantage of preferential programs.

Among other things, the Ministry of Finance proposes the expected effect of the preferential mortgage program. If earlier it was assumed that, thanks to the amounts allocated from the budget, at least 960 thousand Russians will receive loans under the preferential mortgage program for new buildings, now the bar has been lowered to 933 thousand. “The decrease in the indicator is due to reasons of an economic and political nature, namely, the negative consequences of restrictive measures against the Russian Federation taken by foreign states, as well as as a result of decisions on partial mobilization,” the explanatory note to the document states.

The amendments were developed in pursuance of the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin to provide citizens with additional state support measures in the context of crisis phenomena.

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