Family, politicians and friends attend Bruno Covas’ seventh-day mass at the Catedral da Sé – 05/22/2021 – Daily life

The mass of the seventh day of Bruno Covas (PSDB), mayor of São Paulo who died at the age of 41, gathered politicians, family and friends in the beginning of the afternoon of this Saturday (22) in the Cathedral of the Cathedral, in the center of the city of São Paulo. The religious act had public restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the politicians who attended the mass are the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB); the vice-governor of the state, Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB); the mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB); former governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB); and the Mayor of São Paulo, Milton Leite (DEM).

Also followed the family act of Covas, as the son Tomás, 15 years old, and his parents, Renata Covas Lopes and Pedro Lopes.

During the celebration, Ricardo Nunes declared that the biggest lesson left by Covas was to believe in life until the last moment and once again promised continuity in the management of the city.

“Bruno brought us an important example that it is always important to keep the faith, the hope, and until the last moment he fought for life. It was a great lesson, to have faith, to believe and not to complain. [Estava] always concerned with the city, with the people “, said the mayor.

Speaking of campaign goals, Nunes promised to deliver 1,000 hotel vacancies to homeless people, and stated that public policies aimed at the poorest and most vulnerable will be a priority for the city.

Bruno Covas’s uncle, councilor Mario Covas Neto (Pode) recalled the manager’s trajectory, stating that his principles honor the family’s political trajectory.

“Last year he participated in a difficult electoral process and managed to be victorious, rescuing what my father wanted back there, being the second youngest mayor in the city. This legacy, the legacy that my father left, an important political legacy, which gives us only pride, Burno did it with brilliance, “he said.

The Mass was presided over by Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer and the transmission was made through the social networks of the Archdiocese of São Paulo.

“Young, still, he accomplished many good things, with great idealisms and had many ideals ahead. However his life was interrupted, but what he has accomplished so far has been considerable and before God it has its merit. We are asking God to look for all that Bruno has done in his personal, public life and that he accepts this mercifully and grants Burno the participation in eternal life, according to our faith “, said the cardinal.

The PSDB municipal directory organized seventh-day masses at 60 different addresses of Catholic churches, scattered throughout the capital of São Paulo, as a way of honoring the toucan.

Bruno Covas died on Sunday (16), at the age of 41. The mayor was diagnosed with cancer between the esophagus and stomach in October 2019 and was undergoing treatment since then.

The death of the municipal manager occurred at 8:20 am, according to doctors at the Sírio-Libanês hospital, in São Paulo, where Covas was hospitalized. The statement said the death occurred “as a result of cancer of the gastric esophageal transition, with metastasis to the diagnosis, and its complications after a long period of treatment”.

Covas’ body was veiled in the Matarazzo Building, headquarters of the city hall, and only family members and close friends of the manager participated in the ceremony – also in order to avoid agglomerations in the pandemic.

A procession in an open car traveled through the central region of the city after the ceremony and passed through places such as Viaduto do Chá and Rua da Consolação, until it reached the region of Avenida Paulista. Bruno Covas was taken to his hometown, Santos, located on the coast of São Paulo, to be buried.


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