famous Brazilian doctor detained for sexual harassment

He had posted on his Instagram account a video in which he addressed gravely to a young woman in a store in Giza and outraged Internet users.

While on vacation in Egypt, Brazilian doctor Victor Sorrentino, well known in his country, caused an uproar on social networks after posting a video where he appears harassing a Muslim woman in Portuguese. He was taken into custody, according to information from Release and Egyptian media El-Shai.

While visiting the city of Giza, near Cairo, he goes to a store with his friends. He then films a young saleswoman who shows the tourists present a branch of papyrus, an ancestral Egyptian plant used to make paper. In Portuguese, Victor Sorrentino laughs: “You like when it’s long and hard …“. Her friends burst out laughing and the saleswoman, who does not understand her language, smiles.

On Instagram, this tasteless joke did not really amuse its 900,000 followers and the reach of the video quickly exceeded its sphere of influence. In reaction to the criticisms, the doctor first returns his private profile and posts a new video, apologizing to the saleswoman. “I am like this. I am a very playful guyHe said. He explains that he usually does this kind of “joke“With his friends and family, but that he did”not allowed to do it with a stranger“. But the damage is done. The video is translated by bloggers, taken up by Egyptian news channels and the hashtag “Shame on the Brazilian stalker»Invades social networks.

On May 31, he was arrested by the police in Luxor, who informed him that he was prohibited from leaving Egyptian territory and that he was going to be detained. While it is still unknown whether he has been or will be indicted, the doctor appeared on Saturday in a new video apologizing to his victim. The media and associations denounced a probable staging following the possible payment of compensation to the young woman.


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