Federal agency donates 35 tons of rails to the preservation association in SP – About Rails

Rails that were stored in the yard of Dnit (National Department of Transport Infrastructure) in Irajá (RJ) they will now be used to recover a railway stretch that was the target of several thefts in the interior of São Paulo and which, in the future, will link the state to Minas Gerais.

The ABPF (Brazilian Association of Railway Preservation), which received the lot, carried out an operation to transport the rails between the city of Rio and Cruzeiro, in the interior of São Paulo, where they are already stored in the existing yard at the site.

They, according to the association, will be used to replace the stolen tracks in the stretch between the city and the Túnel Grande, at the top of Serra da Mantiqueira.

The stretch is in the process of being restored so that a tourist train can be deployed in the future.

The total donated comes to approximately 35 tons of rails, which represents 915 meters.

The assignment of the tracks is yet another chapter of a negotiation that has been carried out in recent years by the preservation entity and Dnit. At the end of last year, ABPF received three wagons.

The comprehensive project includes the recovery of 25 kilometers of tracks, including maneuvering yards, to the tunnel that separates the two most populous states in the country.

The Grande Tunnel divides Cruzeiro from Passa Quatro (MG) and was a place of historical relevance during the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932.

The region of the Coronel Fulgêncio railway station, in Passa Quatro, still bears marks of the clashes.

On the Minas Gerais side, the railway region, which today houses a tourist railway route, was the scene of a bloody battle between São Paulo forces and federal troops.

Researchers’ reports indicate hundreds of deaths of combatants at the scene, including that of Lieutenant Colonel Fulgêncio de Souza Santos, commander of the 7th Battalion of the Public Force of Minas Gerais.

Records indicate that he was murdered near the tunnel when Paulistas tried to invade Passa Quatro.

Fulgêncio lends its name to a railway station in the city of Minas Gerais and also, since 1985, to a medal of merit awarded by the Military Police of Minas to honor members of the Military Police, institutions and personalities who provided relevant services.

The resources for the implementation of the stretch between the two states are obtained from the ticket office of the trains operated by the association’s Sul de Minas regional office, in São Lourenço and Passa Quatro (both in Minas Gerais) and Guararema (SP).

When the railroad, on the São Paulo side, reaches the tunnel, it will be connected with the tracks of the ten-kilometer stretch that already operates in Passa Quatro.

The so-called Serra da Mantiqueira train has been offered in Passa Quatro since 2004, when the ABPF took over the section and the train station in Minas. It departs from the city’s central station, which belonged to the Minas and Rio railroad, passes through the Manacá station, in operation since 1931, and goes to Coronel Fulgêncio, on a 20-kilometer journey (round trip) on the top of the mountain, made in two hours.

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