FHC, Lula and 2022 – 05/21/2021 – Cristina Serra

The photograph of ex-presidents Fernando Henrique and Lula, both wearing a mask and giving a “handshake” as mandated by the pandemic protocol, is full of meanings and messes with all the pieces on the 2022 board. This meeting is like an adjustment of tectonic plates that, until recently, were in shock and, apparently, found some point of accommodation.

FHC said he still prefers a third way, but that he will vote for Lula if the second round is between this and Bolsonaro. Precisely for this reason the approximation makes sense. The latest Datafolha surveys have indicated the crumbling of such a third way: Ciro, Moro, Doria, Huck, everyone is eating dust, far behind Lula, in the front, and Bolsonaro, in second place.

The movement shows the need for such a broad front against fascism, something that many people have been talking about, but few seemed willing to take the first step. That’s what Lula and FHC are doing now, overcoming immense hurt and mutual resentment. The country is on the canvas, on the way to a third wave of the pandemic, with death, illness, hunger, unemployment, despair and exhaustion. Militias are getting stronger, bullfights, cattle and massacres haunt us.

The gesture of the ex-presidents shows that it is still possible to save something from the rubble and defeat the violent extreme right incarnated in Bolsonarism. Someone will remember the PSDB’s decisive role in the 2016 coup. Yes, there were the toucans voting in favor of Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, alongside the one who voted in honor of a torturer. What has the PSDB reaped since then? The 2018 Bolsodoria is a broken party, wooing irrelevance.

We are still far from meeting the polls in 2022. But what will come out of them depends on what is done now. The signs of a non-aggression pact between the two former presidents will be decisive in bringing Brazil back to the civilizing pact.

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