“Five years later, Emmanuel Macron is alone, despite his party En Marche”

CHRONICLE – This party has never succeeded in taking root, because the ideological line of its boss is that of an elite above ground, uprooted, globalized, that of a chimerical “start-up nation”.

It was five years ago. We wondered about the intentions of Emmanuel Macron. We were not yet talking about a presidential campaign or a political party even if the initials of En Marche! recalled others more personal. Today, the mystery has been largely dispelled. But On! has remained at the same stage: a movement linked to a man, with loose structures, with non-existent roots. A soap bubble that stayed that way. To paraphrase the word attributed to de Gaulle about Brazil: On the march! is a party of the future and will remain so. Almost no local elected officials or activists: a party ghost. Macron’s movement lost all of the interim elections. Even in the metropolises, where its privileged electorate of “winners of globalization” is found, it has not succeeded in dislodging the outgoing, whether socialists (Hidalgo, in Paris) or centrists (Moudenc, in Toulouse) . Those who managed to get the leavers out were the environmentalists, whether

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