Fleet says it is the target of prejudice and gives up integrating Lula’s transition – 11/24/2022 – Poder

Federal deputy Alexandre Frota (PROS-SP) withdrew from joining the transitional government of president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), claiming to be a victim of prejudice since he was announced for the team in the area of ​​culture.

Frota, who failed to be elected state deputy in the October elections of this year, used his social networks to announce his withdrawal on Thursday night (24). In recent days, he has been the target of criticism from personalities in the artistic world historically linked to the Workers’ Party.

“Talk to people, I have seen the cowardly and prejudiced attacks that I have received for being invited to the transition in Culture, attacks including my family comes from a wing of the shoe shoe left in Leblon. Prejudice is in the Transition that speaks in a Country Plural,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Prejudice is in their minds, they talk about diversity, opportunities for everyone, respect for differences, without judgment (not quite like that). Thanks,” he added.

The withdrawal takes place two days after being announced as a member of the transitional government by elected deputy governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSB). The former porn actor and former Bolsonarista would join the group linked to culture alongside parliamentarians, such as federal deputies Túlio Gadêlha (Rede-PE), Jandira Feghali (PCdoB-RJ), Marcelo Calero (PSD-RJ), also former Minister of Culture, and Benedita da Silva (PT-RJ).

Alexandre Frota’s nomination had been the target of criticism in the artistic world, in particular by personalities linked to the left and the PT

In addition to the parliamentarians who will be part of the technical group, the actress Lucélia Santos, the former Minister of Culture Juca Ferreira, the PT’s national secretary of Culture, Márcio Tavares, the singer Margareth Menezes, the musician and poet Antônio Marinho and federal deputy for PSOL from Minas Gerais Áurea Carolina.

An actor with strong ties to the PT, José de Abreu used his social networks to criticize Frota’s nomination. The TV Globo actor stated that “putting Alexandre Frota in the transition in the area of ​​Culture is disrespectful to the artistic class”. In another post, he asks about what benefits Fleet has already brought to the category.

“Such an absurd thing is not possible in the land of Chico, Gil and Caetano. Who, incidentally, were shamefully attacked by the Fleet, which only raised it by paying fortunes in court. Was it public money? Or does he have other incomes?”, published Abreu once again.

Shortly after the announcement of withdrawal, José de Abreu celebrated: “Victory. Great day”.

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