Florida player injured Kucherov, who scored 4 points in the match

Russian striker Nikita Kucherov threw the puck and gave three assists in the victorious match against Florida. However, in the third period, the Panther player inflicted injury on the Russian, deliberately hitting him in the knee.

The return to service of Kucherov, who missed the entire regular season after the operation, turned out to be bright. Especially was the game in the fourth match against “Florida”, which his team won 6: 2.

The Russian scored three assists and scored himself. And then there was an episode that does not adorn the black Panther forward Anthony Ducler.

Not far from the “lightning” gate, he slashed with a club on the knee of Kucherov, who collapsed onto the ice. He writhed for a long time in pain, and then with difficulty left the ice and never returned to the site.

Dukler escaped with the usual removal, but his act will certainly be carefully studied. A player can receive a long-term disqualification for a sneaky and malicious blow. If not, then in the next match the “lightning” will surely arrange a real hunt for him.


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