Fluminense should not move much in the market for 2022

O Fluminense is getting closer and closer to getting a place in the liberators in 2022. With the victories over América-MG and Internacional, two direct competitors, Tricolor climbed to seventh place in the table and opened four points of advantage.

This year, Tricolor returned to continental competition after a long absence and went straight into the group stage. For next season, however, the most likely is that the team will have to compete in the pre-Libertadores.

For President Mário Bittencourt, the performance on the field shows that the team has moved up, despite the financial restrictions.

“Fluminense can do a lot more, deserves a lot more, but in the work we’ve been doing in reconstruction, which includes football, and which in previous years had always been 12th and below, reaching the end of the year could return to the Libertadores, I think we have a regular season. We fluctuated more than last year, but it’s natural with a lot of young people,” stated the tricolor leader.

Regarding the situation in the ball market, Bittencourt does not foresee many news for the next season.

“The tendency is for us to keep most of the spine. The market is very still, so much so that Brazil did not sell in the mid-year window and there is no movement yet because of the pandemic. Another complicating factor is that Europe has no sales money, and we need money. I think this end of the year will be complicated. And in Brazil, the January window is bad because they pay less, as they are in the middle of the season. But there was none in the middle of the year, we didn’t receive any proposals”, he revealed.

Without the money from the sale of its young talents, Fluminense will also not be able to go strong to the market and the reinforcements must be punctual.

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