Folha’s relative conscience – 11/20/2021 – José Henrique Mariante – Ombudsman

Pluralism is one of the words of the year, at least in the dictionary. sheet. Never before has the newspaper clung so much to one of the pillars of its editorial project. Never been beaten so much because of him either. These are times of exception, threats to democracy, patrol and sealing. Even so, the newspaper does not shy away from making room for the contradictory, bearing the cost of being classified by all sorts of adjectives, from denial to racist, from partisan to homophobic, from elitist to whatever. No matter what you did or did not do, there will be a stamp stamping your name.

The problem, however, is not when the contradictory is in the windows open to opinionators, but when it inhabits the sheet. On this weekend of Black Consciousness, the newspaper’s position on racial quotas is the greatest of them. It’s on the “What the sheet think”: “The newspaper does not support the reservation of vacancies in education or public service based on racial criteria. It considers, however, that experiences based on objective criteria, such as income or school of origin, are welcome.”

Since a sheet is a liberal newspaper, what would be the contradiction? This year, the daily that opposes racial quotas promoted unprecedented affirmative action, an exclusive trainee program for blacks, some of them beneficiaries of the remote politics. It is also the same that changed the composition of its editorial board to better reflect the country; what counts with a diversity editorial; which publishes its own racial balance index; which brings together more black columnists, voices that often criticize the media’s own attitudes.

“The newspaper has had internal debates, but there is no forecast for an editorial on this topic,” says Opinion director Gustavo Patu. For those who also need to debate, it is worth reading the article by professor Renato Janine Ribeiro, president of the SBPC, published in Tendências / Debates last week. Its object is Enem, but there is the simplest explanation of the quotas: the public school student who suffered from emergency remote teaching will compete with their peers, who also suffered, for 50% of the vacancies. Racial quotas are within this group and match opportunities not only for those who suffered the most in the pandemic, but for life in a racist country. If it is easy at this point to understand the loss accumulated in a year, imagine the loss of centuries.

The Quota Law, after a decade of validity and results, will have to be revised and, why not, improved by Congress next year, in the midst of an electoral dispute. It would be opportune, therefore, that the sheet embrace the theory of what is already done in practice.

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Flurry of messages sent to the ombudsman charged the sheet adequate follow-up of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s tour of Europe. The newspaper and much of the “commercial media”, according to one of the critics, hid the success of the PT’s journey in recent days, received with applause in the European Parliament, with drumming at Sciences Po and with honors of head of State at the Élysée Palace .

The newspaper was in fact modest in its coverage, drawing on reports from European partners such as Deutsche Welle and BBC Brasil. Exception made to the column All Media, only on Wednesday (17) to sheet he produced his own material about the trip, in fact an opinion piece by Mathias Alencastro, reproduced in the following day’s print. Little for the complaining readers, very little for the supporters of the PT pre-candidacy.

The calibration looks even worse when contrasted with the copious newscast of PSDB caucuses, “which will decide who gets 1% of the vote,” according to another reviewer, and Sergio Moro’s announcement of Affonso Celso Pastore’s invocation as economic guru . if the sheet he did not buy the importance of Lula’s trip, President Jair Bolsonaro accused the coup and, even in Qatar, he refuted the many comparisons of his tour of the Middle East with the European tour of his greatest adversary.

Interestingly, it left the sheet the main electoral event involving Lula this month, the possibility of a heterodox ticket with the ex-governor and future ex-toucan Geraldo Alckmin. Even though it was a test balloon, it stirred up the anticipated electoral scenario, which will give journalists a lot of work and, everything indicates, will generate enormous turmoil in this already disjointed country.

Lula deserved more attention, of course. The conversation he had about Venezuela with Josep Borrell, the European Union’s top representative abroad, calls for further investigation, as well as his plans for Internet control and taxation, cited in an interview in Belgium. The PT member is no longer an active former president, but the main candidate in the 2022 election until now.

Everything you do or don’t do matters.

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