Food manufacturers demand a sharp increase in food prices

Represented by Ania, they call for a 9% increase to take into account the sharp rise in prices and the availability of agricultural raw materials.

The food industry companies represented by Ania are calling for a 9% increase in food prices to take into account the sharp rise in prices and the availability of agricultural raw materials, according to a statement Tuesday.

“In a context of persistent deflation” prices in large and medium-sized stores (-0.3% in 2020, according to the IRI panelist), “The tensions on the price of raw materials considerably affect the financial health of the agrifood industries, reflecting a double drop in competitiveness, in France and in international comparison”, explains the National Association of Food Industries. In this context, “The companies questioned by Ania report a tariff requirement of 9% on average all categories combined, which reflects the urgency of the situation”. In detail, they demand to increase the price of dairy products by 11%, that of prepared meals by 8%, and oils and fats by 50%.

40% increase over one year

World food prices jumped in May by nearly 40% year-on-year, reaching their highest level since September 2011, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations announced last week (FAO ). The increase recorded in May is explained by the soaring prices of vegetable oils, sugar and cereals, as well as by the firming of the prices of meat and dairy products, explained the FAO.

“Today, the concept of reasoned and reasonable food inflation should no longer be taboo”, still pleads the Ania, for whom “Aligning food inflation to a level comparable to overall inflation (1.4% in May) would result in a cost of around 2 euros per household per month, the food item representing only 10 % of the overall household budget in 2021 ”.


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