For diabetics .. 10 things to know about consuming insulin at mealtime

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – When suffering from diabetes, insulin may become insufficient to control blood sugar level. In this case, doctors may recommend that you take insulin during mealtime. Here’s what to know:

  • Most patients must take insulin within 15 minutes of starting eating.

  • Pay attention to insulin doses at meals.

  • Taking insulin at mealtime does not mean that your diabetes is worse than it is in others.

  • Do not miss insulin while eating because the blood glucose level is normal.

  • Carefully incorporate carbohydrates into every meal, as these should be limited for diabetics.

  • Insulin does not cause complications when taken as prescribed.

  • Work with your doctor to learn how to properly take insulin at mealtimes.

  • Talk to a doctor in the event of hypoglycemia after eating.

  • Do not attempt to compensate for missed doses by over-correction.

  • Taking insulin at mealtimes is not an uncommon treatment option.

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