“For the regions, we have real hopes”

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“The Modem is there to weigh.” Guest of the “Talk Le Figaro” Tuesday, the secretary general of François Bayrou’s party, Jean-Noël Barrot, slipped that the Modem was not there to make up the figures, but indeed “A pillar of the majority of Emmanuel Macron”. Himself engaged in the battle of the regions, behind Laurent Saint-Martin, the LREM candidate, the MoDem deputy will represent the colors of the presidential majority in his stronghold of Yvelines. Ally of the presidential party, also within the framework of the regional ones. “We have ministers who are running a very good campaign today, with the ability to gather very broadly around the project they are carrying for their region”, he emphasizes.

Geneviève Darrieussecq, the Minister for the Armed Forces, is head of the list in New Aquitaine and Marc Fesneau, the Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament, leads the majority list in Center-Val de Loire. Ironically, the two government figures, likely to win in their respective regions, are from the MoDem.

“We have real hopes”, rejoices the member for Yvelines, calling on the French to remember that regional elections are very important for people’s daily lives: we talk about transport, high schools etc., all this deserves that we travel to vote on June 20 and 27 , supports the candidate. In his department of Yvelines, however, the secretary general of the MoDem seems unlikely to win. Why confront the outgoing president, Valérie Pécresse, in the lead in voting intentions? “Make people want Île-de-France”, answers Jean-Noël Barrot, by the slogan of the campaign. If he denounces a region that has become “A foil, from which people start”, the objective is above all to “renew

Jean-Noël Barrot: “It would be irresponsible to stop the reforms now” – Watch on Figaro Live

the governance”.

“Defeat the RN”

In view of the latest polls, does he fear victories for the RN on June 20 and 27? At the last regional, in 2015, “In nearly half of the regions, the RN had won in the first round”, recalls the elected MoDem. Worried about “The damage that could cause”, the victory of Marine Le Pen’s party in certain regions, Barrot calls “All those who are Republicans and Democrats to go to the polls, to defeat the RN in the regions where it is about to win”. In the presidential majority, “We want to think that we are the ramparts of the RN and that we will do everything possible to prevent it from taking over a region”, promises the MoDem candidate, leader in Yvelines.


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