For the words about the tyranny of power, Patriarch Kirill was “recorded” in foreign agents

On Easter there was also a small miracle. Progressive people suddenly got distracted from personal incredible suffering over a glass of latte under the fifth regime, from the experiences of deep psychological trauma caused by the January pictures of the inhuman cruelty of the security forces, and heard the patriarch. Well, how did you hear? .. We read on Twitter that His Holiness had warned “all bosses” against the transition to tyranny.

Everybody presented the “news” in different variations. The main liberal TV reporter asked, for example, the question “How to understand the warning to the“ chiefs ”in the sermon of Patriarch Kirill,” others did not lag behind – “the patriarch’s liberal speech,” “changed the shoes,” “bit the feeding hand,” “went against the government,” “unexpectedly harshly warned the authorities. ” “Unexpected” was the key word.

What did the patriarch say? He said, referring to all bosses, both big and small, that “the performance of commanding functions, which sometimes require restricting the freedom of others, cannot be accompanied by personal pride and exaltation, then power becomes tyranny.”

Okay, the buzzers – they, as you know, have not read anything except “Harry Potter”, and all the wisdom of the world is drawn from this work. But what unexpected did adults from well-known liberal publications find in this? At the time of, for example, Bolotnaya, they were not 12 years old.

It’s very simple. In the current (not without reason, but this is a different topic) progressive picture of the world, the Russian Orthodox Church is chthonic horror, obscurantism, evil foolish grandmothers, suppression of personal freedoms, worship of power. There is no point in listening to the Russian Orthodox Church, there is no need to understand, Posner and Nevzorov explained everything. Don’t believe this is possible?

But here’s a little touch: the patriarch spoke the words of tyranny back on Palm Sunday, April 25. And they became unexpected for the liberal public already a week later, because by pure chance they were noticed by one of the “leaders of public opinion”.

For conservatives, for the Orthodox, for those who think with their own heads, there is nothing new and unexpected in the words of the patriarch.

Here is what Patriarch Kirill said in December 2011: “May the Lord enlighten everyone who has different points of view, including on the political situation in the country and on the past elections, and help to enter into a real civil dialogue.” And he said that “the authorities should treat people with great confidence and promote this dialogue and communication, overcoming perplexities and disagreements.”

Then, in January 2012, he made himself even clearer about the protests: “The challenge is to ensure that protests, correctly expressed, lead to a correction of the political course. It is most important. If the authorities remain insensitive to the expression of protests, this is a very bad sign – a sign of the authorities’ inability to self-adjust. Power must be tuned, including by perceiving signals from the outside. ” And he added: “Every person in a free society should have the right to express their opinion, including disagreement with the actions of the authorities. If people are deprived of this right, it is perceived as a restriction of freedom, it is very painful. “

In the same year, at a meeting with Putin, he praised the president for his work: “You once said that you work like a galley slave. The only difference is that the slave did not have such a return, and you have a very high return. ” And then he made a remark: “This does not mean at all that we all agree with your every action, with everything that is happening in the country.” Do we have at least one statesman who is able to tell Vladimir Vladimirovich about his disagreement with his actions?

Already this year, on April 18, in his sermon, the patriarch quoted the Gospel of Mark: “Whoever wants to be great among you, let him be your servant, and whoever wants to be the first among you, let him be all a slave.” And he said that all bosses should hang these words over their beds, since bosses should wake up with the thought “that the call to be a servant and to be a slave is not human, but God’s words, and only in this way a person in power is justified before God and becomes an authority and beloved leader for the people. “

Undermining the foundations, is not it? Well, are we going to enroll the patriarch as a foreign agent? With such an “unexpected” background?

Of course, there is a simple explanation for a small miracle – our so-called intelligentsia hears only what it wants to hear. And if something can be interpreted as words against Putin, then immediately, without reflection – hurray, hurray, caps in the air, cracks snaked along the walls of the Kremlin. Most often it comes out comically. And it is unlikely (unless another miracle happens) it will be otherwise, because, according to the patriarch, the liberal idea is “putting oneself at the center of life. And if “I” is in the center, what is higher than me? “

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28531 dated May 5, 2021

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Foreign agent Kirill


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