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Military personnel from the National Public Security Force (FNSP) are expected to be transferred to Amazonas, in support of the state government, in actions to combat organized crime in Manaus and inland municipalities. The ordinance of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, authorizing the employment of the FNSP, is published in the Official Diary of the Union this Tuesday (8).

According to the ordinance, the military will perform activities and services essential to the preservation of public order and the safety of people and property, for 30 days, starting today, the date of publication of the document. The actions will be episodic and planned.

The document also says that the operation will have the logistical support of the Amazonian government, which should have the necessary infrastructure for the National Public Security Force. “The contingent to be made available will follow the planning defined by the directorate of the National Force.”

Attacks in Manaus

Since Saturday night (5), criminals have started a series of attacks on public buildings in Manaus, including a Basic Health Unit (UBS). The criminals also shot at the headquarters of the Union of Passenger Transport Companies of the State of Amazonas (Sinetram) and set fire to at least one ATM in the capital of Amazonas.

New attacks took place in the early hours of Sunday (6), when at least 14 buses, two police vehicles, a commercial establishment and an electric power transformer were set on fire in the Amazonian capital and public buildings and vehicles destroyed in other cities in the state.

On Monday (7), the government of Amazonas reported the arrest of 31 suspects of involvement in criminal attacks. According to the Public Security Bureau, those accused of leading the attacks are among those arrested.

In policing actions, a firearm and a machine gun were seized. In addition, 40 inspection barriers were set up in the capital for vehicle approaches and inspections. About 250 Civil and Military police teams are conducting rounds in the state.

On Sunday night, the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, asked the Ministry of Justice to send troops from the National Force to reinforce the work to combat organized crime in the state.

Edition: Aécio Amado

On 06/08/2021
Source: Agência Brasil – Brasília
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