Foreign trucks and buses will not be able to leave Russia with unpaid fines

Foreign trucks and buses leaving the territory of Russia will be stopped at the border and will not be able to leave the country if they have unpaid fines. Such amendments to the law “On state control over the implementation of international road transport” entered into force on June 7, 2021. The law was published on December 8, 2020, these provisions are to enter into force 180 days after publication.

In the past, truck drivers were required to pay all fines before crossing the border, for example, automatic fines issued for speeding, traffic violations, and non-payment of fares in the Platon system. However, this obligation was formal, in fact, nothing prevented the crossing of the border and no security measures were taken.

Now, when leaving, foreign trucks and buses will be checked for unpaid fines. RBK


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