Former BBC director claims responsibility for Princess Diana scandal

Former BBC CEO Tony Hall took charge of Princess Diana’s controversial 1995 interview with a radio and television company. In this regard, he resigned from the honorary post of Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Gallery of London.

Hall attributed his act to a strong sense of civic duty. According to him, further stay in this position, taking into account the situation around the interview, can attract public attention.

“I apologize for the events that happened 25 years ago, and I believe that the role of leadership is to take responsibility,” Hall said.

The BBC Corporation apologized to the audience for the journalist Martin Bashir, who fraudulently obtained the consent of Princess Diana for an interview. The statement came after the publication of a report on the results of a special independent investigation conducted by the former judge of the Supreme Court of Great Britain, John Dyson. He concluded that “the corporation’s actions did not meet the high standards of decency and openness that are its hallmark.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed concern about the findings of the investigation, which casts a shadow on the British media. London police to determine if report contains sufficient basis for police investigation

BBC journalist Martin Bashir fabricated information about the alleged surveillance of Princess Diana at Buckingham Palace. He showed Diana’s younger brother Charles Spencer the corresponding bank statements. In this situation, the princess agreed to a conversation, in which she told some details about her marriage to Prince Charles.


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