Fortnite Cubes are back – Al Watan Saudi Newspaper

Fortnite has launched its new eighth season, and players’ battle with alien invaders and their agents continues in the game world, as players managed to blow up the mother ship of the invaders’ forces.

Strange cubes are reappearing around the map, which leads to a variety of strange events in the Fortnite map.

A collection of strange areas appeared around the entire map, as these maps act as portals to the strange sideways area.

This affected the game world a lot, as strange monsters started appearing and coming out of these portals.

Also, the gravity in the areas around these portals, works very strangely, so it becomes difficult to efficiently confront the invaders’ monsters.

In various places on the map, a series of strange black cracks appear as temporary portals to the world of Sideways.

In the map, you can find Sideways Portals in the form of a large dome, which disappears and reappears in one place throughout a single match.

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