four opponents of Ortega arrested five months before the presidential election

Nicaraguan police arrested on Tuesday June 8 the opponent Juan Sebastián Chamorro García, who thus became the fourth presidential candidate on November 7 imprisoned in this country led by the Sandinista Daniel Ortega, who could himself run for a fourth successive term.

Juan Sebastián Chamorro García – cousin of another detained candidate, Cristiana Chamorro – was arrested among other things for “Incitement to foreign interference in internal affairs” and “Organization with funding from foreign powers to carry out acts of terrorism”, according to a police statement.

Also on Tuesday, a third presidential candidate, Felix Maradiaga, was arrested. The prosecution has opened an investigation against him for acts against the sovereignty of the country and incitement to foreign interference, said the prosecution.

The US State Department reacted immediately, calling the arrest a“arbitrary” and President Daniel Ortega from “dictator”. “The international community has no choice but to treat it as such”, reacted on Twitter the head of American diplomacy for the Americas, Julie Chung.


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