France summons the Russian ambassador to reject the sanctions against European officials

On Tuesday, the French Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador in Paris; In protest against sanctions imposed by Moscow on European officials.

The French move came after European bodies summoned, on Monday, the Russian ambassador to the European Union, to inform him of the condemnation of Moscow’s decision to impose sanctions on 8 European officials.

According to a statement by the Office of the European Union Minister of Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, Ambassador Vladimir Schizhoff “informed the European Union and its member states of the firm rejection and condemnation of this decision, behind which there are political considerations that are not legally justified.”

The Secretary General of the European Commission and the Secretary General of the European Agency for External Action received the Russian ambassador and informed him that “the European Union reserves the right to take appropriate measures to respond” to these sanctions.

On Friday, Russia prevented eight European officials from entering its territory, including European Parliament President David Sassoli, Vice President of the European Commission Vera Gurova, Berlin Prosecutor Jurg Raubach and French Representative Jacques Mair, the special rapporteur on the issue of poisoning opposition figures Alexei Navalny to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

The European Union condemned this decision, which was announced the day after the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s actions and calling for economic and political sanctions.

It is scheduled to discuss the reaction of the European Union among the foreign ministers of member states, and will be put on the agenda of the European summit on May 25, according to a European diplomat.

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