France to the test of Africa

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If there is still a field, outside of Europe, where France is expected, perceived and judged as a power, it is Africa. She has lost the habit almost everywhere else and does not always live very well with the burdens, efforts and criticisms that this role entails. But it cannot escape the face-to-face encounter with this growing continent (soon half of the world’s youth) imposed on it by geography, history, economy and geopolitics.

Commemoration of the Rwandan genocide of 1994 on April 27, 2019 in Kigali. Jean Bizimana / REUTERS

France to the test of Africa

Rwanda, mined land. Emmanuel Macron faced last week a delicate test in Rwanda: sealing reconciliation with strong words, twenty-seven years after the 1994 genocide (800,000 dead), without “apologizing”, so as not to be accused of ” Lower ‘France. He did it through a speech “Chiseled” which he has “Weighed every word”, he said in a long interview to Sunday Newspaper . “I was sincere, to tell the truth” facing the 250,000 remains

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