Frédéric Beigbeder’s five favorite vintages

This morning, before going down to the cellar, Frédéric Beigbeder gives us a few words about his relationship with wine and drunkenness, which he sees as an eminently literary thing. “I am a disciple of Baudelaire, who wrote that one should always be drunk. It is not only the wine, it is a condition for writing, which implies being free and uninhibited ”, he says, laughing – and apologizing for disobeying the Evin Law – before continuing: “Baudelaire is a punk, he looks elsewhere than in reality for a way of not being in a normal state. I am libertarian in the second states, these are ways of getting down to work ”. When we talk to him about the poems of Michel Houellebecq, he emphasizes (correctly) that they were certainly not written soberly.

After this introduction, he explains to us that he is above all a “nice father, with a structure that protects me from my excesses. In this sense, red wine is a good compromise. I am from the South-West, I have a predilection for the wines of this region, Irouléguy, Madiran, Spanish wines, rather at dinner than at lunch, unless you want to be unemployed ”. When asked about the vodka he has just launched, Le Philtre, he is enthusiastic about the name “literary, Baudelairean, which gives alcohol a magical power. That said, organic vodka is more for late use, exceptional cases. I would not recommend 40% alcohol for breakfast to anyone ”.

What about white wine in all of this?

«Only in sauce. For the mussels».

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Bodegas Protos – Protos Reserva 2014

Ribera Del Duero – Espagne
Price: € 25.19

A pure tempranillo, also called tinto fino, where you can find all the warmth of the Spanish climate. “It is very strong. I found it on the border between France and Spain, and I liked its powerful side, this absence of lightness that nevertheless works“. The ideal pairing: matured meat cooked over charcoal, the story of “defend oneself against such an adversary».

Available online at

Respide Castle – 2018

Graves – Bordeaux
Price: € 11.60

A blend of cabernet-sauvignon, merlot and petit-verdot, classic and elegant. “VSThe wine was recommended to me by a wine merchant from Saint-Jean-de-Luz, from whom I asked for a Bordeaux that could give the impression of drinking a Grand Cru without being overpriced. It’s a 2018, so it’s not at the level of a White Horse, but it saved our lives during confinement. “Respide” is reminiscent of “Respire”, and this cuvée has in a way prevented us from suffocating».

Available online at

Chateau Chasse-Spleen 2014

Moulis en Médoc – Bordeaux
Price: € 35.00

The writer has a special relationship with this wine, a blend of Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit-Verdot, of which he had the chance to illustrate the label of the 2014 vintage with the following sentence: “The spleen hunter ends up collecting trophies of melancholy“. An entire program. “My talent aside, he said laughing, I find this wine very simple, something between great bordeaux and everyday red, without forgetting this name so great“. He recognizes sometimes choosing wines according to their name, precisely, and recognizes that if he sees “a Château Canon, I immediately want to buy it ”.

Available online at

Domaine Gramenon – Handful of grapes 2020

Montbrison sur Lez – Côtes du Rhône
Price: € 13.90

A 100% Grenache Noir from the Rhône Valley, discovered thanks to the chef of the restaurant Elément, in Biarritz. A gentle way to go towards natural wines. “I also like this effort in onomastics. By drinking this wine, I would say that you can be both an oenologist and an oenomaste».

Available online at

Domaine Fabien Coche – Côte d’Or 2019

Côte d’Or – Burgundy
Price: 19 €

A pure Pinot Noir full of lightness. “I wanted a light red burgundy, with taste, not too much on the fruit, in order to have the illusion of drinking a Gevrey-Chambertin». The pitch? «Always the same, quite simple, a little woody, with light caffeinated notes, and this originality that could almost make it pass for a natural wine.».

To end our interview, he concludes, thoughtfully: “Wine is also escaping despair with a magic drink».

Available at wine merchants in Ile-de-France and in the region

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