Freight turnover in ports in the south and north of Iran has grown by almost 40% in seven years

The Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) reported that cargo turnover in ports in the south and north of the country increased by almost 40% in seven years and reached 250 million metric tons per year by the end of March, Trend reports citing

PMO data, presented in a Sunday report by the official news agency IRNA, showed Iran’s port capacity will reach 280 million tons per year after completing several projects this year.

The report says that the total handling capacity of ports in Iran was around 180 million tons in the summer of 2013, when the current administrative government took power for its first four-year term.

It says that container capacity in ports, measured in twenty-foot equivalents (TEU), will double by mid-summer this year compared to eight years ago, to a total of 8.5 million TEU.

Passenger traffic in ports will reach the target of 25 million people per year this year, up from 14 million in August 2013.

In presenting projects to renovate and modernize trade gates in the Persian Gulf, Iran has invested heavily in its port of Chabahar on the Gulf of Oman and in the ports of the Caspian Sea to further stimulate trade with allies and partners.

The country aims to achieve a target of 500 million metric tons of cargo capacity in its ports over the next five years.

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