Freixo chooses the father of ‘the Fiesp duck’ and former marketer of Cabral for the pre-campaign to the Government of Rio – 10/06/2021 – Power

Deputy Marcelo Freixo (PSOL-RJ) chose marketer Renato Pereira as one of the strategists of his pre-campaign for the dispute for the Government of Rio de Janeiro.

The choice was read in the political sphere as a demonstration of his willingness to dispute the position in a still undefined scenario of Rio de Janeiro politics. Freixo includes in his team a former collaborator close to former governor Sérgio Cabral, his political rival for years in the state and imprisoned since November 2016.

The marketer was initially included in the group to coordinate research to analyze the political scenario in Rio de Janeiro. The intention is that it will remain until the 2022 election.

Renato won two state elections with Cabral and campaigned for his successor, Luiz Fernando Pezão. He also made the first two successful campaigns by Eduardo Paes (PSD) to the Rio de Janeiro City Hall.

The marketer also closed two years ago an award-winning collaboration agreement with the Attorney General’s Office, in which he confessed his participation in bid frauds and cash two in electoral campaigns. In addition to Cabral, the denunciation reaches Paes, with whom Freixo has been talking about an anti-Bolsonarist front in the state.

“Renato is an excellent professional, one of the most qualified in the country. My campaigns have always been made like this will also be: with transparency and correctness. There is no life sentence on anyone. We have to bring together what is best to rescue Rio”, said Freixo.

In addition to the disputes in Rio de Janeiro, Renato participated in campaigns by Henrique Capriles in Venezuela against dictator Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013, and former Peruvian president Pedro Paulo Kuczynski, the PPK, who resigned in the wake of corruption scandals pointed out by the Car wash.

He also initiated the presidential pre-campaign of Aécio Neves (PSDB), in 2013, and Paulo Skaf (MDB) to the Government of São Paulo, having prepared the “duck of Fiesp” campaign, also the target of his collaboration with the PGR. Wanted, he declined to comment on the new project.

Renato’s return to the political market coincides with the return of João Santana, another marketer who became a Lava Jato collaborator pointing out alleged crimes committed by former president Lula and other PT members. He is now part of Ciro Gomes’ team (PDT).

Renato’s entry coincides with the imminent departure of Freixo from the PSOL. The deputy should go to the PSB to expand the possibility in the arc of the alliance he intends to build next year.

“My name is available. But if you have another name with more chances, there’s no problem with that. A lot of people are arriving,” he said.

Freixo already has the support of the PT and has Lula as the main guarantor of his campaign.

The former president spends the end of this week in Rio de Janeiro meeting with potential allies. This Thursday (10) participated in a meeting with left-wing leaders. On Friday (11), he had lunch with Paes and with historical brizolists who left the PDT, such as Vivaldo Barbosa (PT). The former president also has a meeting with artists.

The PDT finds it difficult to embark on Freixo’s candidacy, which would require a platform divided between Ciro and Lula. The former mayor of Niterói Rodrigo Neves, also mentioned in the collaboration by Renato Pereira, is one of the party’s quoted names.

The deputy has been trying to broaden his support base with center parties. One of the constant conversations is with the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, who recently migrated from the DEM to the PSD to have greater freedom to discuss alliances in the state.

Paes’ group is still evaluating whether to embark on Freixo’s candidacy or present a proper name. The most quoted is by the national president of the OAB (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil), Felipe Santa Cruz. The municipal secretary of Finance, Pedro Paulo (DEM), is also cited as a possible candidate for the group.

The movement is trying to form a broad alliance to face Governor Cláudio Castro (PL), who took office after Wilson Witzel’s impeachment process and who should have the support of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Castro, in turn, has approached mayors of Baixada Fluminense and the interior. He has strong support from the mayor of Duque de Caxias, Washington Reis (MDB), also an ally of Bolsonaro.

The governor has signaled a radicalization of his speech in recent weeks, which pleased Pocketnarista voters. After the police operation in the Jacarezinho favela that left 28 people dead, the most lethal in the state’s history, he attacked Freixo and “his PSOL troupe”.

“After an operation carried out to comply with court orders, they think they’re going to scare us, they’re going to make the police stop doing their job, wanting to invent CPI or impeachment orders. Seu Marcelo Freixo and his PSOL troupe can ask for how many impeachments the police will do their job. We have a great mission here today, which is to free our people. We will free our people, including you,” he said.

Castro is also betting on the R$ 22.7 billion collected from the sale of Cedae and the adhesion to the new Tax Recovery Regime, which gave him financial strength for investments.

Allies believe the resources could help Castro face one of his greatest challenges — asserting his identity beyond Bolsonaro, but without detaching himself from the president.

For interlocutors, the governor is a blank sheet and, with Cedae’s values, he will have the opportunity to leave his mark, through major investments and projects.


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