From CNN to Le Monde, ‘tens of thousands’ take to the streets against ‘weakened’ Bolsonaro – 05/30/2021 – Nelson de Sá

From CNN to the German state TV news program Tagesschau, “Tens of thousands protest against Bolsonaro.”

Also by newspapers from French Le Monde to English The Guardian, “tens of thousands”. The first led to the statement “It is more dangerous than the virus” to the title.

The second highlighted that protesters took to the streets in more than 200 cities, in the “largest anti-Bolsonaro mobilization since Covid broke out in Brazil”.

The Spanish El País and the French Libération highlighted the opposition’s leading role in the protests, with the titles “Left takes to the streets for the first time in the pandemic” and “Show of the strength of the left”, respectively.

Argentine La Nación described the Brazilian president as “weakened” in his call for the “day of protests.”

The correspondent opens by saying that “Bolsonaro is going through days of bad news.” He cites research in which he is “largely defeated by Lula” and his conversation with FHC, “a meeting of high symbolic content that pointed out that part of the center-right is willing to converge in 2022 with the left”.


Even before the protests, new editions of weekly magazines such as the British The Economist and the German Der Spiegel published, respectively, that “Bolsonaro is under siege” and “more unpopular than ever”.

Both emphasize their efforts to respond, with “give and take” or simple “distraction — on a motorcycle.”


The New York Times correspondent did not cover Saturday’s demonstrations, choosing instead to pay attention to Brazilians who, among other Latin Americans, “are heading to the US to get vaccinated.”

But it is only those “rich Latin Americans” and politicians like the Argentine Mauricio Macri and the Peruvian César Acuña, these after saying they would not do it. And they all “feel guilty”.


Also on the NYT this Sunday (30), the “At Home” section, at home, announced to readers that, after 57 weeks and “with the pandemic waning in the US”, this was its last issue.


Sunday’s headline from Le Monde to German Süddeutsche Zeitung, “How European Union leaders like Angela Merkel were spied on from Denmark by the NSA”, from the US.

Investigative reports obtained by Danish state TV DR show that an agreement with the country’s spy service has kept the US agency’s access to cables running through the country (map above) with phone calls and messages, even after Edward Snowden’s 2013 allegations .

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