“From” Voice “, perhaps, only a crying boy will remain”

The boy is crying out loud in the semifinals. Handsome, little boy, it seems, dyed blond with a guitar. He was so upset … From all this “Voice”, maybe only this one crying boy will remain, and nothing else.

Is such a show worth even one tear of a child? Only here we can talk about the child’s psyche, about upbringing, about what is allowed and what is not. What is good and what is bad, yes.

This boy went out as a holiday, so he presented himself, saw himself. He was like an acknowledged winner, a superstar. He couldn’t lose for nothing. So, probably thought, thought his parents, the closest people, so inspired him. He sang really cool with this guitar, and Tsoi, and others. He is really charming, well, just like Pinocchio, created for the delight of people. He presented himself in such a way and was absolutely sure of his irresistibility, that he must definitely win.

Perhaps Loboda picked the wrong song for him, perhaps … And then, when the audience voted, it was necessary to see his face. At first he was happy, or rather, he could not believe that something wrong, unimaginable, was about to happen. And when I understood, I cried so bitterly, I could not stop. And Sveta Loboda almost cradled him in her arms, and Nagiyev, no, it was almost hysterical.

How will he survive this? Maybe it’s good that at the age of seven such a young, beautiful boy had to experience the bitterness of defeat (although the semi-finals – well, is this defeat?), To fall from heaven to his native land. Otherwise, he would have hovered in the clouds … But it may be differently, when such a bummer will certainly affect his psyche. Who’s to blame? Parents, of course, who admired their creation, their offspring, exalted him to heaven.

This is interesting for pediatric psychologists, that’s all. And the boy’s cry brought the viewer only a new emotion, additional interest in this show. And again disputes, questions …

In Israel, children under 13 can do anything, and this spectacle is sometimes just awful. But this is philosophy, because after thirteen everything, the carriage turns into a pumpkin, children become adults in an instant, overnight, and they can no longer do anything. In Japan, something similar. We cannot understand this, I cannot understand. Children should be protected, but not nurtured like a rose. Small, they are people too, like everyone else. You need to work with them in an adult way, not otherwise, they will definitely understand.

And the children’s “Voice”, of course, it will be. Such controversy only adds to the rating, and nothing more. But I still remember, it is this crying of a child that seems to me. And again I remember Dostoevsky.

The main artist of the republic

Dostoevsky was repeated to us again. Or rather, not Dostoevsky, but Mironov, Yevgeny Mironov. What is he doing there! Boggles the mind.

Photo: Channel One

After the collapse of the Union, everyone started talking about the decline of acting: they say, there are no more great artists in Russia and there will not be. Back in the late 80s, four “Ms” appeared, then still very, very young, but talented: Mironov, Mashkov, Menshikov, Makovetsky. And behind them no one else. In the 90s, they, of course, had no equal. But then new times began.

Maybe they are bored, maybe. This happens when the same people have been admired for too long. Yes, we need fresh blood, filtration. And they began to say that these four “Ms” were outdated, that it was time for them to retire, to retire.

Each of them has its own destiny. The best roles of Menshikov, probably, at the very beginning, in those “Pokrovsky Gates”, in “Burnt by the Sun”. Makovetsky is very good, especially in his Vakhtangov Theater, and the role of Strum in Life and Fate is generally a masterpiece. Mashkov is not always stable, but always interesting, and only one David Markovich Gotsman can put a monument to him. But the best of them is still Mironov (my special opinion). Because his play, creativity, enthusiasm (I’m not afraid of this word) do not dry out. Did you see how Lenin turned out to be? It’s a miracle, what a Lenin. And what an “Idiot”. And then from this “Idiot” Dostoevsky. This is some kind of special reincarnation, an experience when a completely different person emerges from the artist Mironov. An extraordinary person.

Still from the film

When he was an “Idiot”, they said: well, where is he against Yuri Yakovlev, against Smoktunovsky. But no, I convinced everyone. In my opinion, here he is even better than Yakovlev, like that.

These four “Ms” have been playing in Russian cinema and theater for thirty years, and they have no equal. And they are not outdated, and they cannot get bored. But who is to replace? Danila Kozlovsky, maybe, or Sasha Petrov … But this is not at all the same level, a different one. These four “M” with Mironov at the head tell all of us: not everything is so terrible in our kingdom. And traditions, great traditions of extraordinary creativity are preserved by this four. But what is behind them? Emptiness.


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