Gas connection will become more affordable for residents of Kalmykia

At the expense of the state, gas will be supplied to the border of the land plot of a specific person, and the citizen will pay for the connection to the house himself. The corresponding law on gas supply in Russia was adopted by the State Duma in the third reading.

According to the document, the gas from the gas pipe laid in the village to the boundaries of the site of the household of a particular person must be supplied at the expense of the state. And directly on the territory of his land plot, the citizen will pay for the gas connection to the house himself.

In Kalmykia, according to the gasification program in 2021 – 2026, 35 settlements are to be connected to the network gas. The gas company will build about 340 kilometers of inter-settlement gas pipelines for gasification of 35 villages in Gorodovikovsky, Iki-Burulsky, Oktyabrsky, Priyutnensky, Sarpinsky, Tselinny, Chernozemelsky, Yustinsky and Yashaltinsky districts. It will also carry out technical re-equipment of six operating gas distribution stations, which will allow connecting new consumers in Elista to the gas supply system. The new law will allow construction of intra-settlement gas pipelines at the expense of the state, which will make it much cheaper for the population to connect private households to gas.


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