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After writing a story about a local councillor’s reaction to Prince Philip’s death, she received an email branding her “a Nazi supporter” and threatening to publish details about her address. On Wednesday 31-year-old Elizabeth O’Brien, from The Greenway in Hull, was convicted of sending malicious communications.

She had earlier pleaded guilty to the offence.

Ms O’Brien must complete 80 hours of unpaid community work, pay compensation of £100 and court costs of £85.

Ms Riley is now Yorkshire reporter for GB News, which launched earlier this month.

Speaking to Hull Live about the abuse she said: “The email left me sick to my stomach and was an especially shocking response to me just doing my job.

“By all means it is completely legitimate for people to have an opinion on the stories I write or the topics that I cover, but not when it becomes personal.

“As journalists we are in the public eye but our role is to hold those in power to account, help people find justice and celebrate the wonderful events and heartwarming stories that happen in our community.

“Being trolled and having our safety and security threatened on top is just not something that anyone should have to deal with, no matter what their job. Despite the harm it can cause, trolling still goes on day in, day out online and has no signs of abating any time soon.

“Tragically people have even taken their own lives as a result of the hate they have faced.”

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“By all means, give feedback online and when we are in the wrong as journalists we will hold our hands up and apologise but just remember, be kind. We are human after all.”

GB News is the first major British news channel to launch since Sky back in 1989.

It began broadcasting on June 13, with chair Andrew Neil commenting: “We are proud to be British – the clue is in the name.”

The launch was watched by 336,000 people from across the UK, beating both BBC News and Sky News.

The channel aims to broadcast 6,500 hours of original content per year.

Unlike established rolling news channels it is focused on debate and discussion shows, fronted by opinionated presenters.

On Thursday Mr Neil tweeted: “Great figures on GB News ANDREW Neil show last night.

“Number one in time slot (again). Three times audience of Sky News.

“26 percent more than BBC News Channel. And we’ve only just begun.”

Some of GB News’ advertisers have been targeted by campaign group ‘Stop Funding Hate’.

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