General Director of PF takes brother delegate to official trip of 7 days in Tunisia – 07/11/2021 – Panel

The director general of the Federal Police, Paulo Maiurino, took his brother on a business trip to Tunisia, between 24 and 30 October. Fabio Henrique is a federal delegate, but he does not have any function in the body that justifies his visit.

He has been stationed in the director-general’s office since his brother took office.

According to data from the Official Gazette, the mission lasted seven days. On the PF head’s public agenda, there are appointments in just two of them, on the 27th and 28th, at an Interpol event.

The expenses of the trip were paid with public money.

In addition to the two, the anti-corruption director and a coordinator of the international area went to Tunisia. The episode generated criticism within the PF.

Experienced police officers consulted by the column said the choice is outside the norm. In addition, delegations are very streamlined to avoid unnecessary expenses. Even advisors don’t usually go to these missions, they say.

They point out that Fabio Henrique is a worker and has worked in several areas in the PF.

This is Maiurino’s second international trip in seven months.

In the first, in September, he amended an official mission to the US with a vacation and managed to get his wife and children into the country, despite the blockade of Brazilians, as shown by the website Metrópoles.

The Panel questioned the body about the reason for the invitation and what is the official capacity of Fabio Maiurino, but the questions were not answered.

“The official mission to which it refers was developed in accordance with the law and regulations in force, and its members were chosen following administrative and technical criteria, appropriate to the object of the event that took place,” said the PF.

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