“Geographical dictation” will be written in Germany

On November 14, Germany, together with Russia and countries where the Russian Federation is interested, will write “Geographical Dictation”. This will be the seventh international educational campaign, which is being carried out by the All-Russian public organization Russian Geographical Society (RGO). Everyone, both adults and children, will be able to take part in the dictation, test their knowledge, and also learn a lot about the largest country in the world.

To date, there are Geodictal sites on all six continents. There are more than four thousand of them. Universities, schools, research institutes, libraries, museums and reserves traditionally join the action. In Germany it will be written in Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf and Mainz.

An exciting test game will provide everyone with an opportunity to find out how well they possess knowledge in the field of Russian geography. The organizers promise that even the most erudite participants will be able to learn something new about the unique nature of the country, its attractions, as well as socio-economic, cultural and historical milestones in the development of Russian territories.

Reputable geographers prepared 40 tasks for the dictation participants in 2021, which differ in degree of difficulty and are designed, first of all, for quick wits and the ability to think logically. In the intellectual competition for the palm, both adults and children can fight.

How the “Geographical Dictation” will take place in 2021

The epidemiological situation both in Germany and in most countries of the world, unfortunately, dictates its own conditions. Taking into account the restrictive measures to combat the pandemic, the organizers of the “Geographic Dictation”, along with the full-time form, provided the opportunity to remotely participate in the action.

Information about where and in what form it will be possible to write a dictation is published on the website https://dictant.rgo.ru/geography under the heading “Geography of dictation”. A list of organizations will appear before you if you select your country of residence.

On the page with information about the venue of the action you have chosen, there are conditions for participation, registration, as well as contacts of the organizers, information on the number of seats and access for persons with disabilities.

The international educational action will take place on November 14 at 12.00 (according to the time of the organization / site chosen by the participant). Attention! The number of participants in each site is strictly limited. It corresponds to the number of dictation writers declared during registration.

Remotely the dictation will take place on November 14 at 14.00 local time. This form of writing also requires registration with the organizer of the site chosen by the participant. After that, each of the participants will be sent a unique link for remote passage of the dictation on the basis of a specific organization. The link will work only on the day of the promotion – November 14 from 12:00 to 13:00 local time on the site.

Individual results of the dictation will be published on the website dictant.rgo.ru starting from December 6, 2021. You can find out your result by asking the 13-digit identification number received during registration.

The organizers also thought about those participants who want to test their knowledge and do not need a certificate. They will be able to use the format online dictation… This feature will appear on the website dictant.rgo.ru on November 14 at 14:00 and will be available until 14:00 on November 24 Moscow time. You can write a dictation in this form from anywhere in the world, at any time. Registration is not required for this. The participant will receive the result immediately upon passing the test.

Demo version The geographic dictation will be available until 23:59:59 on November 13, 2021 (Moscow time).

Apply for a dictation Any public organization can: educational communities, educational institutions, cultural centers, museums, libraries, etc. until November 10 on the website dictant.rgo.ru.

Details of the seventh Geographical Dictation of 2021


The Russian Geographical Society was founded by the highest order of Nicholas I in 1845. Over the years, the Society was led by representatives of the Russian Imperial House, scientists and statesmen.

One of the oldest geographical societies in the world unites specialists in the field of geography and related sciences, as well as enthusiastic travelers, ecologists, public figures – everyone who wants to learn new things about Russia, who is ready to help preserve its natural resources.

The Russian Geographical Society made a significant contribution to the study of European Russia, the Urals, Siberia, the Far East, Central and Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, India, New Guinea, polar countries and other territories, laid the foundations of the national reserve management.

Geographical dictation is conducted by the Russian Geographical Society on the initiative of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Society, President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin annually since 2015. Its main goal is to popularize geographical knowledge and increase interest in the geography of Russia among the population.

In six years, nearly 1.8 million people have taken part in the project. In 2017, Dictation became international for the first time: it was written in 25 countries around the world. In 2020, the number of participating countries, including Russia, reached 110. The action took place on all continents except Antarctica, and even in space – on the ISS.

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