Gérald Darmanin calls into question “the weakness of the means of justice”

In an interview with Parisian, the Minister of the Interior affirms that France has “one of the smallest budgets for justice in Europe.” He also rejects any opposition between magistrates and police.

Gérald Darmanin joined the police during the rally organized by the police on Wednesday, May 19 in Paris, in front of the National Assembly. A presence that had aroused criticism. This Saturday, the Minister of the Interior speaks in a long interview granted to the Parisian , reaffirming that his place was among the demonstrators. “I would be a funny Minister of the Interior if I were not among the women and men of the national police“, He declares, adding that”you don’t manage your ministry by reading notes and staying in your office».

Asked about the denunciation made by the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti of certain virulent remarks made by the demonstrators with regard to justice, Gérald Darmanin replied that “the problem of the police, it is the weakness of the means of justice“, Whose budget in France is”one of the smallestFrom Europe, according to him. “This is why we are in the process of increasing it significantly“, He indicates, specifying that”15,000 additional prison placesWill be created.

The Minister of the Interior recalls, however, that one should not oppose the police and the magistrates, stressing that “the independence of the judiciary is a condition of the rule of law“. In this sense, Gérald Darmanin specifies that there is no need to worry about the reform of the police, which has already raised many questions concerning the separation of powers, with, in particular, the creation of ‘a post of director who would manage public security but also the judicial police. “The house of the Ministry of the Interior must be able to reform to strengthen the strike force in the departments. Hence the creation of a position of functional territorial director, capable of having a global vision of police missions and of increasing the presence of agents in the street.», Explains the minister. “But the police services will keep their specialties, and the judicial police will obviously remain under the authority of the magistrates who, alone, conduct the investigations.“, He assured.


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