German elections: Europe plunged into uncertainty

ANALYSIS – Europeans fear endless negotiations across the Rhine and German paralysis.

Correspondent in Brussels

The question has tormented Europeans for weeks. Will the formation of the German government take two or three months or even five as in 2017?

In view of the standoff between the SPD and the CDU-CSU and the need to form a coalition of three parties, the negotiations could drag on. “If there is no agreement in February, there will be no major decision in Europe until July 2022. The French presidential and legislative elections will have to be allowed to pass.Paul Maurice de l’Ifri worries.

This would be all the more damaging as the EU faces more than worrying challenges, in particular the ostensible disinterest of the United States vis-à-vis the Union and the growing provocations observed in the close neighborhood of the bloc. Not to mention all these issues – climate, digital, migration, etc. – on which the Union must move forward.

Some want to believe in a German government formed well before the end of the year, especially in Paris

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