Germany: Bookmakers make money in the elections to the Bundestag

Money can be earned not only from sports games or the stock market, but also from the results of elections to the Bundestag.

Many bookmakers are speculating that Angela Merkel will still head the German government on New Year’s Eve. The fact is that Merkel has already ruled out another term as German Chancellor. But her tenure in office until New Year’s Eve could be possible if negotiations to build a coalition drag on after the elections. And this is exactly what many experts suggest.

Prediction of this scenario suggests that after the elections, the number of deputies will probably not be enough for a coalition consisting of only two parties. Then there will be three parties at the negotiating table, each of which wants to solve its problems and the negotiations may drag on. “Even after the federal elections, negotiations may last until early February,” experts suggest.

The preliminary figures, according to polls, were appalling for the CDU as of Thursday, and experts consider Lashet’s victory in the elections unlikely. The clear favorite is SPD candidate Olaf Scholz. The political stock exchange believes that he will be the next chancellor. It is almost unrealistic that Annalena Baerbock (Greens) or FDP leader Christian Lindner will receive the Chancellor’s office.

Germany says this:

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