Germany: Bundestag on the 80th anniversary of the German attack on the USSR

An hour-long discussion dedicated to the sad anniversary – the 80th anniversary of the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union opened the penultimate week of the parliament of this convocation.

At the end of June, the deputies will go on vacation, and on September 26, elections will be held in Germany, according to the results of which a new parliament will be formed.

MPs have repeatedly stressed that the moral imperative of the present follows from the tragedies of the past – loyalty to international law and the principle of the universality of human rights.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, who opened the debate, said that the main lesson from Germany’s tragic past was its commitment to European unity. “It is part of our conscientious handling of our history that we place international law above the law of force. And we stand for the universal action of human rights, – said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Johann Wadephul, a member of the ruling CDU / CSU bloc, said Germany’s historical responsibility for the crimes of National Socialism “does not absolve us of responsibility or deprive us of the right to express our attitude” in the countries of the former USSR.

However, not all parliamentarians pointed to a direct connection between history and contemporary politics.

The representative of the “green” faction Manuel Sarrazin believes that for all the validity of criticism of the post-Soviet states, it is fundamentally important not to confuse the memory of the victims of German crimes in the USSR with the current agenda.

MP from the Free Democratic Party of Germany Bijan Djir-Sarai in an interview with DW emphasized that the discussion was about the entire Soviet Union, and not separately about Russia. “It was primarily about the peoples of the USSR, who, in the end, stopped the Wehrmacht,” the deputy noted.

At the same time, the path of the deputies to the meeting hall ran along the corridors of the Reichstag, on the walls of which the autographs of Soviet soldiers who left them here in the spring of 1945 are preserved.

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